About Us


Vihaan World,is dedicated and passionate with a commitment to delivering real innovative results. Training solutions to address your challenges by delivering more than just speaking also deals with psychotherapy methodology and counselling. We guarantee results as had experience of many years. RESULT ACHIEVING PROGRAMME on your training investment to ensure that our training delivers real out come profit. As Said Being different is a revolving door in your life,where secure people come in and insecure exit. and suddenly we realized ;its time to start something new trust the magic of beginning.

Our Mission And Vision :


There is never an ending ,every ending left with something to rethink and recreate. Just need to understand and you will find yourself developing . Vihaan World ,works on the knowing unknowing factors, We deals with issues generated self or others in personal or professional life. Making you more calm, mature , confident , effective and impressive personality ,through understanding your psychology; because understanding psychology first your own than others, will help you to deal with day today issues which can be easily handle in home or work place. We have huge belief in empowering participant to solve their issues. Our workshops and seminar were specially designed to face the challenges, issues ,by their own also we provide handy tips, practical workshop, we are also ready to deal, handle any query,confusion issues,challenges which are continuously disturbing you. we also focus on group as well as one on one individual issues. Vihaan world provides workshop to organization, corporates, school & colleges ,administration,indian army and also focus on individual one on one, with complete comprehensive sets of training and counselling ,which provide modalities including blended learning solution which result in complete understanding yourself .loving yourself ,accepting challenges.



Our Team

our team

Lalit Dutta

Founder & Director

our team

Umesh Sharma

Co-Founder & Managing Director

our team

Anjali Sharma

Child-Neuro Psychologist & Behaviour Analyst

our team

Col.Amarjit Nagi

Business & Life Coach

Why Choose Us

We won’t say that, we provide better healing of your suffering, but we can assure you that we work on the root cause of problem/issues. We provide the best treatment possible. Our working is based on the unknowing fact of issues, through knowing the unknowing fact, the problem can be solved very easily not only by the expert, but also by you.
We won’t say that you don’t need expect advise, but all the time and working on advise won’t work for you.
We trained you,in a such manner that all the queries which you have can be solved by your skills.
For this two things are important:
These two factors are pillar of human life. But he should know what to do, what to believe and how to understand. We assist you in that.
We have such a motivational and confidence modulus through which in every scenario, you can handle problem in any situation.
Our motto is, first we always ready to give, help assist as possible as we can
We believe in giving.
We work on phrase GIVE and TAKE not in TAKE and GIVE.
We assure you in bring new shiny light in your life.

Our Process

Each family situation is unique and, therefore, each family’s experience will be slightly different. Below are the general steps of the process for a typical client.:

Initial consultation

Taking up to 30 minutes, this free consultation is done over the phone. It provides an opportunity for family members to ask questions and learn what to expect. It allows the team to get a feel for the family’s issues and determine whether or not we will be able to help..


During the intake process, we meet with the parents and student separately to obtain a thorough history of the student and the family. To get a full picture of the child’s strengths, challenges, and needs, we ask parents to send copies of all school records and testing data, prior to the meeting. We review the records and conduct interviews with selected individuals (e.g. teachers, counselors, coaches).

In some cases, we will refer you to other specialists for further evaluation (e.g. testing). After a thorough and complete examination, we will offer a number of options for your review.


After determining the optimal type of environment for the child, we present ‘A Plan of Action’, or a ‘Roadmap’ exclusively and individually designed for your child. We provide a short-list of recommended programs or schools and discuss the pros and cons of each program. Once a program is selected, and space availability is determined, parents are responsible for submitting the application and deposit to secure the available space. We will expedite the application process and help in any way we can.

Monitoring and Advocacy

For the duration of the child’s stay at a program, we maintain regular contact with the parents and the staff. In the case of therapeutic placements, this will include scheduled updates from the student’s primary therapist, scheduled calls with you, and occasional conference calls with you and your child’s therapist. In the case of non-therapeutic placements, we will determine a schedule for regular contact. In the case of a short-term / first-step placement, we will maintain contact with the family and the program in order to help with the choice of a follow-up program.

Follow-up Planning and Support

The consulting contract includes basic coaching for transition and reunification after a residential school or program – a crucial part of the process. We may provide additional placement assistance, recommend comprehensive aftercare providers, and meet with the student to share in their success. This coaching is given in occasional 30–60 minute phone calls or meetings with the parents and program personnel.

But time is not always on your side. If you need immediate assistance, we can act swiftly.

We are here to help. Please call to speak or complete Take the Next Step form and we will contact you with the information you need.